Black Skin, Flat Nose, & Thick Lips? But We Are All Brothers!

Why should there be the feeling of superiority over others, being cocky, high-handed, arrogant, or egotistical simply over the color of one’s skin, the contour of one’s nose, the shape of one’s lips?

Most of the time, people think that color determines who is the more superior (race). It is not so. But even the physical shape of the eyes, the lips, and the nose invites discrimination from people who believe that they were created more superior than the others.

Nothing is wrong, for example, with the wider noses and huge lips of those from Africa. Under our skin, we are all the same. But it matters because color-based notions of racial hierarchy continue to plague us, with white on top and black at the bottom.

A research conducted by competent scientific authorities says that under our skin we are all biological brothers and sisters.

Even before this proof was proven scientifically, the Bible tells us so! All of us came from only one biological mother and father.

And Adam called his wife's name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.

The environment, the food we eat, the customs, and traditions are contributory factors to our outward physical appearance. The sun can make our skin dark.

Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother's children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.

Scientifically, constant exposure to the rays of the sun contributes to the tanning of our skin, making it darker in appearance than those who are less exposed to the sun. In Finland, where the sun does not shine almost four months, notably, people have white skin. Finns are considered the palest of people.

Many wonder how Finns survive with no sunlight in the winter, and nature replies with 24 hours of it in the summer. The intense contrast in light conditions has a profound effect on all walks of life in Finland.

For understandable reasons, public spaces come to life in the summer. After the harsh winter, endless daylight never arrives a day too early. Summer in Finland is a time spent outside the house enjoying the short but sweet season, and all worries are postponed until nights get dark again.

It is not the sin of a black person that caused him to be born black like what the Mormons believe. Here’s what they wrote in the Book of Mormon.

Long-time exposure to elements and the sun can turn our skin totally black in a span of generation.

Quick Facts: 
Jablonski and Chaplin proposed an explanation for the observed variation of untanned human skin with annual UV exposure. By Jablonski and Chaplin’s explanation, there are two competing forces affecting human skin tone:

1. The melanin that produces the darker tones of human skin serves as a light filter to protect against too much UV light getting under the human skin where too much UV causes sunburn and disrupts the synthesis of precursors necessary to make human DNA; versus

2. Humans need at least a minimum threshold of UV light to get deep under human skin to produce vitamin D, which is essential for building and maintaining the bones of the human skeleton.

Jablonski and Chaplin note that when human indigenous peoples have migrated, they have carried with them a sufficient gene pool so that within a thousand (1000) years, the skin of their descendants living today has turned dark or turned light to adapt to fit the formula given above–with the notable exception of dark-skinned peoples moving north, such as to populate the seacoast of Greenland, to live where they have a year-round supply of food rich in vitamin D, such as fish, so that there was no necessity for their skin to lighten to let enough UV under their skin to synthesize the vitamin D that humans need for healthy bones.

Even the food we eat for generations may contribute to our physical appearance. In the Philippines there are islands known as Camotes Islands where the natives eat only as staple food, kamote or sweet potato. Natives there are short people. I had experienced that when one member from that particular place requested a photo shoot with me, they were all standing while I was seated on a chair. Still, I towered over everyone of them! Sweet potato does not have sufficient amount of B Complex vitamins that dictates the growth of height of a person.

People whose staple food are rich in B Complex vitamins like those who are consumers of bread from wheat attain more height than others.

Since there are eight different vitamins that are a part of the Vitamin B complex family, there are various health benefits that have been associated with each. In fact many health experts recommend Vitamin B complex for weight loss since it helps the digestive system and improves the absorption of carbohydrates. Some health experts also advise parents to include Vitamin B complex supplements and foods in their children’s diet, since it promotes growth and can help them grow taller.

Even the size and the length of the nose is sometimes dictated by the environment.

As reported by Emily DeMarco of Inside Science (8/12/2016), our nose plays the role of an airconditioner according to a new study. The research, which was published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, centered on pressure to explain how the nose got its shape.

Accordingly, in hot, wet environments, pressure over time lets the nose evolve into wider shape to cool the brain. Scott Maddux, the study's lead author and a biological anthropologist now at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth, says air in cold temperatures can't hold very much water, therefore there is no pressure for the nose to widen as opposed to hot, wet temperatures. “In hot, wet environments that reduce our bodies' ability to shed heat through sweating, the nose could respond to that pressure and, over time, evolve into having a wider shape, which allows for more heat loss and may help keep the brain cool,” Maddux said.

After research and all things have been said and done, the conclusion is that the facts in the Bible are all true. We all came from Adam and Eve - and not from chimpanzees or apes - and that we are biological brothers and sisters. To practice then discrimination is evil.

JAMES 2:1-4 
1 My brethren, have not the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of glory, with respect of persons. 
2 For if there come unto your assembly a man with a gold ring, in goodly apparel, and there come in also a poor man in vile raiment; 
3 And ye have respect to him that weareth the gay clothing, and say unto him, Sit thou here in a good place; and say to the poor, Stand thou there, or sit here under my footstool: 
4 Are ye not then partial in yourselves, and are become judges of evil thoughts?

In Israel, God showed His anger over two of His servants when they entertained that feeling of superiority. Miriam and Aaron opposed Moses marrying a black woman. And they were reproved by God.

NUMBERS 12:1-15 
1 And Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman. 
2 And they said, Hath the LORD indeed spoken only by Moses? hath he not spoken also by us? And the LORD heard it. 
3 (Now the man Moses was very meek, above all the men which were upon the face of the earth.)  4 And the LORD spoke suddenly unto Moses, and unto Aaron, and unto Miriam, Come out ye three unto the tabernacle of the congregation. And they three came out. 
5 And the LORD came down in the pillar of the cloud, and stood in the door of the tabernacle, and called Aaron and Miriam: and they both came forth. 
6 And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream. 
7 My servant Moses is not so, who is faithful in all mine house. 
8 With him will I speak mouth to mouth, even apparently, and not in dark speeches; and the similitude of the LORD shall he behold: wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against my servant Moses? 
9 And the anger of the LORD was kindled against them; and he departed. 
10 And the cloud departed from off the tabernacle; and, behold, Miriam became leprous, white as snow: and Aaron looked upon Miriam, and, behold, she was leprous. 
11 And Aaron said unto Moses, Alas, my lord, I beseech thee, lay not the sin upon us, wherein we have done foolishly, and wherein we have sinned. 
12 Let her not be as one dead, of whom the flesh is half consumed when he cometh out of his mother's womb. 
13 And Moses cried unto the LORD, saying, Heal her now, O God, I beseech thee. 
14 And the LORD said unto Moses, If her father had but spit in her face, should she not be ashamed seven days? let her be shut out from the camp seven days, and after that let her be received in again. 
15 And Miriam was shut out from the camp seven days: and the people journeyed not till Miriam was brought in again.

Meanwhile, recent killings in the United States indicate that there is, one way or the other, discrimination among the Americans themselves.

Young black men killed by US police at highest rate in year of 1,134 deaths

Young black men were nine times more likely than other Americans to be killed by police officers in 2015, according to the findings of a Guardian study that recorded a final tally of 1,134 deaths at the hands of law enforcement officers this year.

Despite making up only 2% of the total US population, African American males between the ages of 15 and 34 comprised more than 15% of all deaths logged this year by an ongoing investigation into the use of deadly force by police. Their rate of police-involved deaths was five times higher than for white men of the same age.

Paired with official government mortality data, this new finding indicates that about one in every 65 deaths of a young African American man in the US is a killing by police.

God is not a respecter of the physical being of a person.

For there is no respect of persons with God.

To be godly is to learn how to love a person regardless of color, height and physical appearance! After all we are all equal beyond the skin. We were made by one God.

May we remind the American people that while they are superior in arms, technology, wealth, and political power, they are not superior among the blacks and what the world calls the "uglier" people of this earth.

To God be the glory!


  1. When I was I kid, I used to wish for a whiter-colored skin.
    Then came the cosmetic products that promise a whiter skin.
    Maybe this is the result of centuries of mind conditioning our white colonizers have done.
    Thanks be to God for sending Bro.Eli Soriano. Through their teachings from God, I have never been proud of my skin, my people specially my DNA. =)
    We are all brothers.

    1. As I have heard Bro Eli say 'many people want what they can't have'. A lot of dark people want light or white skin and a lot of white skin people want tan or darker skin. Let's be satisfied with what we have.

  2. Mr. Controversyextraordinary, in this blog exposes not only the wrongful perceptions of the society regarding superiority of a particular race but it cuts deeper to exposing religous errors that favors racism perfect example is Mormonism.

  3. Once again science proves that the bible is in fact authentic. We are all brothers like Bro Eli said.

  4. Under the skin, we are all equal and that to discriminate is not God's will.

    The Americans must not think that they are superior than all races for we are all equal.

    Thanks be to GOD for a another blog.

  5. Thanks be to GOD for this very informative Blog! :-)

  6. Doesn't Matter after all God is not a respecter of person...

  7. With all due respect many of these black people that were killed by police officers had a criminal record and they did not submit to police authority. What we need in America is people to respect police officers. More black people have been killed by black people than those killed by police officers.
    Here is one example:
    Please do thorough research before posting this kind of article. It promotes 'Black lives matter movement' which is based on a lie.
    I love you Brother Eli and hope that many will follow you in America.
    I am white and do not think I'm better than blacks or others colors of skin.
    Plus, Americans is not a race. It is a nationality made up of different races.

  8. This is very informative. No doubt, I agree.

  9. to discriminate a person,is against the will of God

  10. We are all brothers and sisters. Thanks to God for He is teaching us to love others regardless of physical appearance and color.

  11. Thanks be to GOD. A lot of people doesn't know that white people aren't superior at all under skin. This blog gives us faith to believe the words of GOD in the the bible. We're actually brothers and sisters physically. We're only different on what the environment dictates and offers.

  12. Very informative blog! May those americans still continue kills black people without any reasons learn the God's virtue that teaches by this blog! Thanks be to God for there is Bro. Eli that explains us scientifically & biblically that every one of us are equal!

  13. My thoughts lead me back to the times when the tower of Babel was building up by those people. There's one language. May be this was turning point for all of us. But the builders of this structure may be traced the kind of people today. They always have the intention to go higher and to reach heavens.

  14. Thanks Be To God for this great and sensible blog of Mr.ControversyX

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  16. regardless of skin color, height and other differences, we are all equal in the sight of the Lord. thanks be to God for this wonderful blog!

  17. how authentic must be the Bible is!

  18. l'm an MCGI and proud to be a Filipino!

  19. The thinking of some people with white complexion that they are superior than with black or brown complexion is simply arrogance and hypocrisy. In the sight of God we are all equal. Thank you again Bro. for educating us with this blog. God bless.

  20. I agree with Bro. Eli that we are brothers and sisters because all of us came from the root of one mother and one father. And that there should be no feelings of superiority over the others just because of our: skin colors, sizes and shapes of noses, lips, and other physical characteristics. Our racial differences are influenced by the environment that we live in, so there should be no feelings of racial discriminations among nations. If we adhere to the real meaning of the words brothers and sisters, world peace is not impossible to be attained in our time.

  21. very nice well said Bro. Eli To God Be the Glory!

  22. Yea, we are created equal by our God. Thanks be to God for this wonderful blog of bro. Eli.

  23. In the olden times, there was a saying that "if you are white, you are alright, if you are brown stick around, and if you are black stay at the back"...Not anymore today..There's now a brother Eli who insists that we are all brothers, whatever your color, and god be the glory......

  24. Are you still ashame of your physical features? You shouldn't!
    Accept who you are, because it is a gift from the Almighty.
    Thanks be to God for this wonderful blog.

  25. To God be the Glory!! Nice article..More applicable to the white people..especially Australians..when I am in there..they look at me as a moron and an idiot that don't know anything..

  26. we are all brothers so why do you bother look down on the others the skin is just a cover underneath you'll discover we're no different from each other 'cause we are all brothers

  27. These wisdom are some information in the Bible that people should learn.

  28. Amen. Super agree! Thanks be to God for another informative topic. :)


  29. An in-depth guide that surely answers your all queries and concern in the most reader! Regardless of skin color, height and other differences, we are all equal in the sight of the Lord. Reading this blog is all worth!

  30. I hope that the Americans would not take this blog as an individual opinionated assumption but as a documentation of news acquired from their very own news mass media. After all , racial discrimination is still being practiced in some states in the U.S. , which is prevalent in the South. I believe that this blog does not conclude the ongoing investigations on the shootings involving the BLACK suspects or victims per se.  Like I said, this blog is not about that issue subjectively. It's about God's characteristics as non prejudicial. It's about  oneness in the sen6se that we all came from the same mother which the science of DNA microconidial attests to as well. It's about humility and respect. It's about acceptance that we should not treat other people Iike outcasts. It's about love and godly thinking.

    Now some may reason out that there are more blacks in prison as there are blacks in law enforcement. Some may say that most crimes were instigated by blacks or so on and so forth. That does not give us the reason to redline them. Because the color of the skin does not define the soul of a person. It just represents the origin of his ancestors. Did not Moses had a black wife? And aren't most of the best singers, dancers, athletes and actors black? Or even the best bodybuilders are black? Better yet the current President is black. Which shows that their skin color was not a hamperment. So it's a sociological malpractice.

    Thanks be to God for this educative blog Bro.Eli. It's full of wisdom. To God be the Glory.

  31. Superiority does not come with the color,race,etc.We are all equal in the sight of our Lord.Thanks be to God.

  32. the only thing that should be separated by color is LAUNDRY.

    discrimination is bad bad bad!

  33. Ang galing! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

  34. The LORD seeth not as man seeth; for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.
    1Samuel 16:7

  35. We are all humans after all, why discrimate others just because someone thinks he is much superior over others. God himself does not discriminate despite His power and glory, so do we.
    Thanks be to God bro. Eli for sharing this blog

  36. Thanks GOD for the wonderful explanation of Bro. Eli proven by the authenticity of the bible. May this blog inspire people to treat equally every human kinds regardless of the color of the skin, the shape of the nose, and the thickness of the lips. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

  37. As what I've understand to this blog that we humans who created by a loving God, all of us is the same in the eyes of Him because God loves us and because of this blog my perspective about who,s the real beautiful and not. actually I've never see the physical beauty of a person but also his/her heart. Thank you again to God for this blog I inspired more.

    We should not judge person according just in physical appearance we need to see the heart of a person before we says who,s the real one.

    Thanks be to God and To God be the Glory.

  38. This perfectly explains--whether in a scientific or a Biblical angle--that we are equal under the skin. Well done, Bro Eli. Thanks be to God!

  39. As human beings we're not different to each other at all, the words of GOD in the bible plainly states that we're of the same mother. But this is true that most of thinkers of science and technology came from whites not necessarily Americans but of their Caucasian origins, this is their pride and fame. Compare to us, I can say our lowly status. Although, Filipinos are rare and peculiar we're blessed as GOD's nation in the last days. This is my faith and understanding in the bible.

  40. Thanks be to God for this article. learn how to love a person regardless of physical appearance.

  41. To learn to love a person regardless of physical appearance..very well written backed by science and bible..a must read..

  42. Although there are Filipinos around the world excel in many trades, we easily adopt to a given environment. But basically I believe weren't pioneers in finding the fundamental physical laws of creation of GOD. There are only few people that are holding these positions and most of them are Caucasians.

  43. Take out the superficial skin of two human beings originating from different races and you'll see identical anatomical structures. The feeling of superiority and discrimination were among the crucial issues humans are facing, struggling everyday. It's an issue in the communities all over the world. However, if we go back to the origin of human life, we realize that we are all brothers. It's just that we are made uniquely by a great and mighty Creator. Thanks be unto God for this blog, and may this reach many people and be enlightened. Thanks be unto God Mr. Controversy.

  44. Amen. Being beautiful or being a better person is not only seen on your physical appearance but more importantly what's deep inside you.. May God have mercy on us all...

  45. Another enlightening discussion of Mr. Controversy.

  46. Things that we use and enjoy everyday like television, cell phone, computer, lights and many household equipment, we don't realize the thinkers and inventors are mostly western and Caucasians in know how. From engineering marvels, medical marvels and sophisticated communication using light as medium, these are just few models of excellence mostly white in skin. Although, Filipinos are adoptive and excels in many skills around the world, however, we are unique too. But I believe the whites not necessarily American have advantage. Maybe presumptive thoughts come from it.

  47. Even death does not choose weather black or white skin an individual is. Everyone dies at certain age, so which race is superior then?

  48. Be proud and contented whatever skin color we have. Through Bro. Eli's teaching we are all brothers and sisters and Christ. To God be the Glory! More power to you Bro. Eli...

  49. We should not judge a book by its cover as the saying goes. In like manner, we should not judge a person also because of his race, color of the skin, and other distinct physical features as compared to others. All of us have our own unique role and importance why we exist in this world, so we should love one another and do good to everyone.

  50. This blog simply gives us another reason to love one another and that is: we are all brothers and sisters beyond skin. It is not enough to hate or discriminate others due to their physical appearance. We are all equal and we are all created by one God.

    Thanks be to God for an interesting blog! A must read!

  51. never judge people from outside of thier appearance because you never know that an ugly person can do amazing things that a beatiful person cannot do!

  52. A very biblically and scientifically informative blog. This is actually the second time I've read this article but it still amazes me. Thanks be to God.

  53. Hello,siblings all over the world.