More Reasons to Believe that the Bible is the Inspired Word of God

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Why Unbelievers Should Believe in God

Anywhere we go there would always be people who doubt if the Bible is, indeed, an inspired book, or if it was really made by the inspiration of God.

Definitely, the Bible is inspired by God. In fact, the Bible calls itself as an inspired book. In the Greek Bible, the word inspiration is theopneustos, which means divinely breathed in. Meaning there is a divine breath that blessed the Bible as a book.

In 2 TIMOTHY 3:16, it says,

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

The Apostle Paul was explaining to Timothy that all manuscripts and scriptures existing during their time were inspired by God; they were given by the inspiration of God. And because they were inspired by God, it follows that they had His approval, too. If they were God-approved, it means that the Bible contains divinely approved truths, truths which no man could ever disprove. The truth in the Bible stands firmly on the ground, and it cannot be shaken by human wisdom.

For more than five decades of my ministry, I have met so many unbelievers of the Bible. I had even come across atheists who do not believe in God. But as I explained to them my basis in believing the Bible, they were eventually converted and they got convinced that the Bible really came from God. Actually, there is no other book on earth that is inspired by God except the Bible or the Holy Scriptures.

The scriptures that were used by the Israelites, the first century Christians, had been preserved to reach our time. There are copies of the Oxyrhynchus Papyrus, which was written in the third century of our common era. They were the oldest manuscripts written in Greek which dates back to the third century. We also have the Codex Sinaiticus, the Codex Vaticanus, the Codex Washingtonianus, the Codex Alexandrinus, and many other codexes, which had been written by hand, as early as the third and fourth centuries, by people who wanted to preserve the word of God. That time, the printing machine had not been invented yet so they were all written by hand. Today, those manuscripts are being housed in different libraries of the world.

The Bible is divinely inspired; it contains evidences that prove that it came from a Superior Being, and not just from ordinary humans like us. It speaks of truth which nobody could refute. To prove this, let me cite you some examples.

In the early part of human history, people used to believe that the earth was flat. But, about 2,600 years ago, it was already written in the Bible that the earth is round.

ISAIAH 40:22 says,

It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, . . .

The Bible tells us that there is a circle of the earth, and God sitteth upon that circle of the earth. Therefore, as early as 2,600 years ago, the Bible had provided us the information that the earth is spherical in shape. However, humans realized that it was really round, and not flat, only when Apollo 11, a spacecraft from the USA, took a picture of the earth from outer space. The picture taken by Apollo 11 became a physical evidence that gives confirmation to what had been spoken in the book of the prophet Isaiah that the earth is spherical. This only proves that the Bible is an inspired book of God, and the Bible tells us of things long before they are discovered by men.


The Bible also tells of a tunnel that was constructed during the time of King Hezekiah of Israel; it was constructed before the time of the Lord Jesus Christ. Very recently, it was discovered that such a tunnel really exists, and the walls of the tunnel bear the names of the people who were responsible in its construction. This, again, proves that the Bible is a divine book inspired by God.

During the time of the Lord Jesus Christ, when He was talking with the Jews, He mentioned of a coin. He asked them as to whose image was engraved on the coin, and to Him they answered, it was the Roman emperor’s. Lately, they discovered such coins in Samaria and other parts of the Middle East, and the coins, indeed, bore the inscription of the images of Augustus Caesar and Tiberius Caesar, the Roman emperors that reigned during the lifetime of our Lord Jesus Christ here on earth. Proving the correctness of the account in the book of Matthew wherein Christ was being asked if it was lawful to give tribute to Caesar. The Lord Jesus Christ answered, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's; and unto God the things that are God's. (Matthew 22:21).

Samples of coins that circulated during the time of the Lord Jesus Christ that had been unearthed by archeologists, even a sample of the coin, or mite, that was given by the widow to the treasury in order to help (Mark 12:42), are physical evidences that prove the veracity of those biblical accounts. And they further prove that the Bible was written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Now, how do we convince the non-believers to believe in our God?

The God of Christians is real. The God of Christians is attested by His creations. If only the non-believers would use their common sense, they would be left without a choice except to believe in the existence of Somebody who created everything.

ROMANS 1:19-20 says,

19 Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them.
20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

This is one of my favorite verses in the Bible. It is very much inspired by God’s spirit, and nobody can disprove the truthfulness of the verse. How do we understand the existence of God? Being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead so that they are without excuse. Nobody can excuse himself for not believing in God. All that he needs to do is to look at His creations, and from them, he will be able to understand God’s existence and eternal power.

One of God’s creations is the sun. The sun is the supplier of heat and light to the earth, according to Genesis 1:14-17. How do we prove God’s eternal power through the sun? If you are going to burn a forest to produce fire, you may probably have fire for a week. After a week, the forest will be consumed, and then the heat, the light, and the fire would be gone.

On the other hand, the sun had been there for billions of years, yet it is never consumed. It does not grow smaller, instead, its tendency is to grow bigger when it becomes a red giant, according to science. The question is, how does the sun maintain its power? It is through the understanding of God; it is through His wisdom.

Nowadays, man already has an idea on how the sun works. There is what we call the nuclear power in the sun, the power of the nucleus of the atom. Sometime ago, we thought that the atom is the smallest part of the cell but very recently, science had discovered that there are even smaller parts of the atom. And scientists even say that the atom is also a universe by itself. The atom is found to be a very big entity. Although the atom is very, very small, there are even smaller particles in it such as the nucleus, the protons, the neutrons, etc. It is the collision of the parts of the atom that produces what we call nuclear energy. And that is exactly what is happening in the surface of the sun. That is why the sun is never consumed even after producing heat and giving off light to earth for billions of years.

The sun is an example of the eternal power of God. It displays the enormous and inexhaustible power of its Creator. Billions of years had passed in the history of the sun but until now it is not consumed. And according to scientific studies, the sun is still capable of giving off heat and light to earth for the next five billion years.

Actually, even by just observing and analyzing the things around us, even our own physique, we will not doubt the eternal power of our Creator. If you will look closely at your hands, at your fingers, you will discover the great wisdom of that Somebody who created them. Our fingers are not of equal lengths and sizes, but the moment they are going to perform their function, like picking up or holding something, you will realize that no finger is superior or inferior. Each finger is important. And they work in harmony with each other, regardless of their length and size.

How about our fingernails? They have their function also. When a part of your body is itchy, the fingernails would scratch it, and you are relieved of the itch.

But the most marvelous thing about our hands is that, it serves as our identification.

JOB 37:7 says,  

He sealeth up the hand of every man; that all men may know his work.

In the science of fingerprinting, Galton, a pioneer in the study of fingerprints, said that there are no two fingerprints that are the same in this planet. There are now more than seven billion people that inhabit the earth, and not two of them are with the same fingerprints, not even the Siamese twins.

These are but some of the overwhelming evidences that prove how God’s eternal power is manifested in His creations.

Convincing the unbelievers to believe in God wouldn’t be that difficult. All that they need to do is to look closely at the things around them, at the marvelous relationship of the things in nature, at the vast universe, and even at the manner their own physiques had been fashioned. If they would only be true to themselves they will surely acknowledge that a very intelligent Creator is behind all these. And instead of doubting His existence, they would surely revere Him and believe in Him.

Understanding all these would give them more than enough reasons to believe in the Almighty God of Christians – our God. I am a Christian, and I am proud to be one. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


  1. Thanks be to God for this wonderful blog. Im humbled by God's eternal power and his greatness as a creator. I believe with all my heart that he is capable of making other humans believe his existence. Praise his mighty name forever!

  2. A lot of people try to discredit the authenticity of the bible but non of them proven their claim. But rather truth always prevail because everything is written and science support what is stated.

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  4. Thanks be to God. TO GOD BE THE GLORY...

  5. Thanks be to God. TO GOD BE THE GLORY...

  6. The predator uses the bible to accumulate wealth and power whereas Bro. Eli uses the bible as what is written in II Tim. 3:16...

  7. If only preachers are like Bro. Eli who uses the bible properly then I would have not left my family...

  8. Indeed, to God be the Glory, forever!

  9. For me no reason to believe in God just a faith and trust that he is true.

  10. Bible is our daily manual in life. It tells us what to do and teaches to live good. The words come from the bible are the gospel we need to follow. Praise to God.

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