Feeling Hopeless? Pray for Divine Providence

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What does the Bible say about suicide

A person who experiences a deep feeling of hopelessness because he can't find a solution to his problems, or because he can't cope with the predicaments he is going through thinks that taking his own life or committing suicide is the only way to get out of the situation.

As the number of suicide cases everywhere in the world keeps on increasing, one couldn’t help but worry. One of the main worries of many people is focused on the inevitable consequence of committing suicide. They want to find out if there is still forgiveness that awaits the suicides, or if they still have a chance to salvation, or if they are already doomed to suffer in hell eternally.

If you were to ask me about what lies ahead for those who committed suicide, I’m sorry but I am not in the position to pass judgment on them. In the first place, I do not know them; I do not know what ran in their minds; I do not know the circumstances that they went through; I practically do not know anything about them. But more importantly, the Bible does not give me any right to pass judgment on them; instead, the Bible has prohibited the true Church of God to judge those who are outside its jurisdiction.

1 CORINTHIANS 5:13 (KJV) says,

But them that are without God judgeth. Therefore put away from among yourselves that wicked person.

It is God who judges those who are outside the Church of God, according to the Bible. So, we better entrust the lot of the suicides to God’s judgment.

If a person who committed a questionable act, for example, happens to be a member of the Church of God I would be able to come up with a prudent decision or judgment about his case because, we, in the Church, have a record of the brethren’s obedience to Christ’s doctrines, like their attendance in our congregational gatherings and how they live their lives.

Among the members of the Church of God, there exists genuine care for each other. If they disobey the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, if they lead wayward lives, they are reported to the Church administration. And if anyone has been reported for his disobedience or wrongdoing, his attention is immediately called upon. This is not to make him a subject of ridicule and gossip, but for him to be corrected or be given disciplinary action if needed. This is because we do not want any of the brethren to go astray or to continue doing things which are against the will of God.

If there is no complaint made about a particular member, it means that member is faithfully abiding by the doctrines of Christ. And if I say that he has a great chance to salvation, I would not be violating the word of God inasmuch as he is one of us in the Church; he is not an outsider.

Whenever a member airs a complaint, or an accusation, against another member, the Church administration deals with it in accordance with the provision in the Bible.

1 TIMOTHY 5:19 (KJV) says,

Against an elder receive not an accusation, but before two or three witnesses.

Plain accusation is not enough. The complaint or the accusation should be attested by, at least, two or three witnesses.

Actually, there are brethren who have been in the Church for a long time and still, nothing negative has been reported about them.

TITUS 1:6-7 (KJV) says,

6 If any be blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of riot or unruly.
7 For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not selfwilled, not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre;

There are members who do not transgress the law of Christ. As a result, they have never become subject to any disciplinary action.

Why am I mentioning this? This is just to show you that, in the Church of God, we judge only those who are among us. We are able to pass judgment on our erring brothers and sisters because we have a basis in doing so. We always base our decision on both documentary and testimonial evidences. But we do not do that to those who are outside the Church of God because, according to the Bible, it is God that judges them.

This is the reason why I cannot give a categorical answer as to whether a person who committed suicide could still be forgiven and be saved, or if he is already condemned because he is not a part of our organization.

The brethren in the Church of God are well-taught about the essence of life and the ultimate purpose of human existence. Also, instilled in their hearts is the fear in God. That is why I can boldly claim that no faithful member of this organization would ever think about taking his own life, no matter how great the odds are. Our brethren may be poor in terms of material things but they are full of hope.

As we know, suicide stems from a strong feeling of hopelessness, just like what was experienced by Judas Iscariot. Seeing himself in a very hopeless situation after betraying the Lord Jesus Christ, Judas Iscariot hanged himself.

The Bible has a record of people who committed suicide due to hopelessness because of their disobedience to God. Aside from Judas Iscariot, Saul, the king of Israel, also committed suicide after God had condemned him for being rebellious.

Biblical accounts show us that the people who committed suicide were all evil and disobedient to God.

But if you will obey God, you will never get depressed, you’ll never lose hope, and you’ll never ever contemplate about committing suicide.

As long as a person lives, it is but natural that he experiences failures and problems that are sometimes depressing. However, God is teaching us a way on how to deal with our day to day worries and troubles.

PHILIPPIANS 4:6-7 (KJV) says,

6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.
7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Do not be depressed; do not be anxious about anything. All you have to do is pray, and the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

With this very comforting biblical pronouncement, how will you ever think of killing yourself? Although depression is said to be one of the risk factors to suicide, prayers could counter that risk. Prayers could be our potent antidote to depression; and prayers could thwart suicidal thoughts.

I hope you understand why I do not want to judge those who committed suicide. It is because God forbids us to judge those who are outside the Church of God.

We are not like the church of Manalo which has condemned all of those who are outside their church. The former leader of that church, Eraño Manalo, had come up with declarations such as there is no salvation outside their church, and that those who are outside their church will never be heirs of heaven because they are already sentenced to suffer in the lake of fire.


That particular pronouncement was also reflected in an article written by Eduardo Manalo in their official publication, Pasugo, June 1976, page 9) where he also said that those who are outside their church will not be saved.

To pass judgment even to those who are outside your jurisdiction manifests gross cruelty and is an outright defiance to the word of God.

Actually, the church of Manalo has also accused the Catholic Church and the different Protestant churches to be of satan.

I refuse to judge those who are outside the Church because it is God who would judge them.

I want to reiterate that, in the Bible, those who committed suicide were all in a state of hopelessness and they were all disobedient to God. But if you are obedient to God, you will never lose hope.

Follow the prescription of the Bible. Whenever problems beleaguer you, all you have to do is pray to God and He will give you peace. Never make suicide an option. Entrust your cares and worries to God; you can always count on Him.

When you feel that everyone else misunderstands you and nobody cares for you, do not forget there is God who always cares and understands. Just never fail to implore Divine Providence. AMEN.


  1. I've been wondering where will the soul of those who committed suicide belong.this is the answer to my worries and wondering. Salamat sa Dios.

  2. Thanks be to God for giving hope to those who believed in him. We might be poor in our society but God who created us gives hope! With this i can confidently say that he is a merciful God.

  3. Very sensible and empathic blog! Salamat po sa Dios ❣️

  4. My friend hanged herself last wednesday (october 16, 2019) Since then, most of the topics in worship, prayer meeting, and even in the consultation a while ago, it is very connected in this situation. And when sister luz mentioned about this blog, i really want to read it. Thanks Be To God for the teachings and doctrines. To God be the Glory❣

  5. Indeed, life is a continuous struggle. But because we have the Almighty who is always ready to rescue us through His Son Jesus, we have nothing to fear but just put our whole trust in Him. Then everything will gonna be alright. Thanks be to GOD for giving us Mr. Controversy Extraordinary who continuously unfolds the truth from the Scriptures.

  6. Salamat....brother eli,,,it will gives me more strenght...but im not the one try to plan commit suicide....i just read your sermon...and i feel my hope is getting strong...
    May katanongan lang po ako tungkol sa baptism,,,parang mahirap para sa amin...espicialy were luck of time and money its hard to attend of your service....but i kept watchs your youtube video everyday and then...

  7. Do not be hopeless. Our problems in life should be considered as our challenges to improve. Just entrust our problems in life to God. Pray to God and ask for His divine intervention and He will give us peace of mind. To God Be The Glory!

  8. Salamat sa Dios sa kaalaman na binibigay sayo Bro. Eli. Sana maraming makabasa nito at makinig din ng mga Bible expo. ♥️

  9. Salamat sa Dios at May isang totoo, tapat na mangangaral na si bro Eli Soriano.

  10. If we believe that our God will not forsake us in times of troubles and sufferings, we will not attempt to end our life by committing suicide. In my own opinion people who commit suicide believed not to true God. True God will comfort us through His words written in the Bible. Members of MCGI (Ang Dating Daan) are very fortunate for we feel the love of God specially in times of sorrows and persecution of enemies.

    If only they hear Bro. Eli who faithfully teach the word of God, they will be comforted just like us and will not be hopeless.

    We are very thankful to our God. Thanks be to God for a preacher like you Bro. Eli.

  11. may natutunan na naman ako sa blog na 'to. salamat po ng madami sa Dios. ❤

  12. Very informative and all are base on bible! More blog po! All the BESt!

  13. we should always have hope because Jesus Christ is our hope, suicide is never an option you will only make matters worse, those who committed suicide i think are in danger come the judgement day because they took their life, God commanded thou shalt not kill, to God be the glory!

  14. Thanks be to God for his loving kindness to us all,. :-)