Often Discriminated, Transgender People Are Accepted by God

7/25/2020 40 Comments

Transgender People Can be Saved

A certain transgender told me that by regularly watching our television program, he was able to develop an understanding of the teachings of God and the Lord Jesus Christ. And then the time came that he felt a fervent desire in his heart to serve God and to be a part of the Church of God because, like most of us, he also wants to be saved.

But because of his gender identity, he had questions; he was asking if a transgender like him would still be accepted by God and if he could have a place in the Church of God.

It turns out that these negative thoughts were brought about by the harsh and disparaging statements that he has heard from other religious leaders and pastors about those who are transgender, and about the members of the LGBTQ community as a whole, such as that they are of the devil and that they can never be saved unless they become “straight” men and women. Hearing such pronouncements directly from the very mouths of preachers who claim to be of God made him think of himself as someone who is unworthy and undeserving of salvation.

But I told him that those were just mere words of preachers who hardly have any understanding of the words of God because if they do, they would not have said such words at all — for such statements are against the will of God.

According to the Bible, what God wants is for all men to be saved.

As it is written in 1 TIMOTHY 2:4 (KJV),

Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.

The verse says “all men” therefore, it encompasses the whole of mankind. It is not exclusive to the “straight” men and women but it includes the LGBTQ (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, and queer) community and other gender identities.

God is giving all people, including those who are transgender, a chance to salvation — even if a transgender person happens to have undergone surgery or whatever medical procedure in the past. Primarily, this is because he had committed that thing when he had not known the Christian doctrines yet, when he had no knowledge of the truth yet. And people like him have a place in the Church of God.

Actually, one member of the Church had once confessed to me that he is transgender. He was born male but years before he became a member of the Church, he underwent an operation which made his genitalia match his gender identity or the gender that he feels inside. Hence, his male genitalia had been removed and had been replaced by a female’s.

But upon accepting the doctrines of the Lord Jesus Christ and after submitting himself to holy baptism, wherein all his past transgressions had been forgiven, he obtained God’s mercy. And from then on, he started anew. He turned his back from his former way of life and he started spending his life in faithful service to God and the Lord Jesus Christ, without pretending to be a “straight” man, but strictly observing the Christian moral standards that he has understood. And with God’s help, until now, he remains steadfast in faith.

God is considerate, just, and merciful. He will not hold anyone accountable for an act which he did ignorantly. And no less than the Apostle Paul experienced His mercy and consideration.

1 TIMOTHY 1:13 (KJV)

Who was before a blasphemer, and a persecutor, and injurious: but I obtained mercy, because I did it ignorantly in unbelief.

The Apostle Paul committed grievous sins in the past. He used to be a blasphemer and a persecutor of the early Christians. Nevertheless, he obtained mercy from God; he was forgiven because he did all those things “ignorantly in unbelief.”

A transgender person who submitted himself to a medical procedure, which offered him the gender identity that corresponds with the gender that he feels inside, can also obtain God’s mercy if it was committed prior to his understanding of the word of God and while he was still outside the jurisdiction of the Church of God. He may still be forgiven the same way that the Apostle Paul was forgiven.

Definitely, if he has undergone an operation, he cannot undo the modifications that doctors have done to his physical body anymore, and neither can he restore what has been removed from it. But that does not outrightly disqualify him from being saved because, like the Apostle Paul, he did them “ignorantly in unbelief.”

We just can’t help that many religious organizations today are full of pretenses and hypocrisies, as though they are all blameless and sinless, and as if all of them have no gender identity issues. A pastor and pretended song, for instance, do not accept gays or homosexuals in their organization because, according to him, people who belong to the third sex were created, not by God but by the devil.

Such a cruel pronouncement only shows his ignorance about the will of God; it is without any biblical basis. Actually, it is even contrary to what the Bible says because according to the verse cited earlier, God wants all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.

The Bible tells us that the moment a person submits himself to the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, regardless of his gender identity, he becomes a new person.

He just has to see to it that after learning and accepting the teachings of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, and upon submitting himself to the jurisdiction of the Church of God, he should no longer do the things that he used to do. Meaning, he should no longer engage in same sex relationships, he should not wear make-up anymore, he should not dress-up gaudily, and he should no longer spend his life in worldly pleasure. Instead, he should start to live a life that is in accordance with the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Anybody who is in Christ is now considered to be a new creature.


Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Formerly they were:


9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,
10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
11 And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.

So, if a transgender person is now in Christ, he automatically becomes a new creature. He is considered a new creature in the sense that there are now noticeable positive changes in him, not necessarily in his physical appearance nor in his gender identity, but more on his way of life. He does not smoke and drink alcoholic beverages anymore, he no longer goes to bars and casinos, and he no longer speaks and behaves roughly. His way of life has changed as it is now disciplined by the teachings of Christ, and his whole person is now being molded after the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Only fools would dare say that this “new creature,” although a transgender person, would not be accepted by God.

God is welcoming all of those who would return to Him, including those who are transgender and the rest of the LGBTQ community. That being the case, they are also welcome in the Church of God, where they can be happy and gay Christians.


  1. Thanks be to God for the very informative topic.

  2. Salamat Po sa Dios at naanib ako sa Church of God International, sa tinagal tagal ng aking pag hahanap ng tunay na Eglesia, dito ako dinala ng Dios, kaya kaung mga kaibigan ko at Family ay dalangin ko sa Dios ay makasama ko kau dito, kong loloobin ng Dios, 🙏

  3. This is a strong relief knowing outside of church there are people keep saying that being lgbt and part of the community is wrongfully sin in the eyes of the Lord.

    To God Be The Glory!

  4. salamat sa Dios bro eli sa topic na ito na nagbibigay pag asa sa atin lalo na sa mga LGBTQ😍🙏.Kaya wala tayong karapatan na hatulan ang mga LGBTQ dahil nilalang din sila ng Dios at ibig ng Dios na ang lahat ng tao'y mangaligtas at mangakaalam ng katotohanan. 1 Tim.2:4

  5. Grateful for we have an accepting, a loving and merciful God.

  6. this is enlightening, that we people must not be a respecter nor discriminate our fellowmen whatever gender we are in to.

  7. Now we know that God does not discriminate and that he gives all men including people from the LGBTQ community a chance to salvation. Thanks be to God for another societal issue Biblically addressed!

  8. Thanks be to God,He give chance to all mankind for the salvation of our soul.

  9. I hope this will enligthen those who think that they are being forsakened

  10. I have always asked myself, "If God loves all of His creations, then why does he condemns the LGBTQIA+ community?"

    As a person who is a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, I often find myself ashamed, unloved, and unaccepted. Never have I ever witnessed a religion that wholeheartedly accepts people of all kind until I heard about the true doctrines of our Lord Jesus Christ through the preaching of Bro Eli Soriano in a television show and I didn't hesitate to adhere to its purely Biblical teachings.

    Now that I am baptized in the Church of God, I feel loved, accepted, and unashamed. Thanks be to God for the wisdom that we could attain way more than the wisdom of the world.

    1. Welcome to the fold bro JAMES!!!! I'm also one of the LGBT and I ASSURE you as long as you keep the faith and follow the doctrines, you will be saved despite your identity. God loves us s much that He wants all o us to be saved.

  11. Very well explained
    Thanks be to God for this understanding that cascades for those who seeks answers to their questions in every aspect of life
    To God be the Glory

  12. Ayus po, may chance din pala sa salvation, kung susunod at magpapatuloy sa aral at katuwiran ng Dios,
    salamat po sa Dios, dahil sa ganitong maliwanag na aral at turo mula sa banal na kasulatan, To God be the Glory.

  13. Thanks be to God for this wonderful blog that gives hope for the transgenders :)

  14. Thanks be to God and to God be the glory.

  15. God is considerate, just, and merciful. Thanks be to God!

  16. Im proud because no other preacher is telling the truth about the will of God, that he wants everyone to be saved. All for the glory of God

  17. the true God is a Just God he looks on the heart not the gender❤️


  18. I am transgender. I was born male and identify myself as female, or a woman. It’s very nice message. It’s very positive and uplifting. I always believe that God does not discrimate. I always know that God is God of Love and He is not partial and therefore we have a place for His Love. It’s just sad that many hypocrites, ‘claimed-to-be’ Christians express hatred and discrimation towards LGBTQ+ community while the God that they worship detest Hatred and Discrimation. None of us are perfect. We are under God’s Love and Mercy. If God would judge all of us, no human would survive and everyone will be punished. That’s why we pray for his Love and Mercy so that we may be forgiven for pur sins through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.
    By the way, it’s a nice story but it’s still offending to be misgendered. As Christians, we should all lead to show respect to one another. Being able to use correct gender for Transgender people is showing respect to them. But then again, we cannot impose our belief to you because after all there’s only 1 belief we should have. I disagree that Christian people will misgender me but I can always agree to Love and Peace.

  19. Thanks be to God for all of His love and understanding and His unspeakable gift!

  20. God is good if we know his will. He is a loving father and does not discriminate. But we can only understand this through His chosen preacher. Thanks be to God!

  21. Amen! Thanks be to God for another enlightenment To God be the glory!

  22. Trully,God is not a respecter of person,LBTQ has a place in Gods heart as long they will follow his will!
    To God be the Glory!

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  26. As it is written in the bible, God wants all men to be saved and He does not show favoritism. All men, I believe, includes all genders: male, female, transgender, and LGBTQ as long as they return to God. Thanks be to God! (brq)

  27. Discrimination is not from God. Thanks be to God for this informative blog.

  28. The love of GOD is unconditional and equal to all creation

  29. salamat sa Dios sa pagpapaunawa.

  30. This is one of the doctrines that sets the distinction between the teachings in the Church of God in the Bible being delivered to us by the servants of God from those of hypocrite religious leaders who pretend to be blameless. Thanks be to God for this wonderful blog.

  31. For keeping us alive today in the middle of a widespread deadly disease, all thanks & praises to the Almighty!

  32. I am a Christian !.When were told we discriminate and judge you we are not! judging you. When it comes from the word of God ,He is the judge Romans 2:2 . We only say what God spoke n pass it on. Like you said God does not discriminate ,however he calls it a Abomination! Leviticus 20 ;13 and 18:22.Other scriptures -Jude 7,Revelation 21.8 are a few. This is to spread the word of God to the lost. We love all ,but we don't have to always agree. With n respect for all. Jesus judges us all. Repentance saves all!

  33. Please read with us:


    I heard Bro Eli Soriano said something like this, transsexuals, those with modified sexual organs cannot be denied in the Church and like anybody member. She is a woman as she was called. But she cannot do as she likes, she has a God to serve and follow. For example, if women in the Church are prohibited to wear provocative clothes, so is she.

    So, the value of baptism comes into question. Is it biblical that a child undergo baptism by water and word when he is incapable to understand what this is about? If baptism is the remission of sin, and sin is knowing you committed it, is a child a sinner?

    So, it is important that the parents are ready to think outside the box. Religiously speaking, what you physically have is enough for you to serve Him, spiritually, He is there to guide you, through your parents who are guided by people, who are guided by the scriptures - ultimately by God.

    But those people outside this faith, they will do what they think is right, God is their judge.

    Recently Bro Eli said, base on the Bible, after baptism she's a new creature.