Unity in Prayers in a Time of Crisis

5/23/2020 , 37 Comments

As the whole world battles against the Covid-19 pandemic, there are still people who refuse to cooperate with the efforts of the government that are aimed at containing and preventing the spread of the deadly coronavirus. Others, especially those who belong to different political parties, even question and defy the measures being undertaken by people in authority and health experts.

Right now, the world is battling against Covid-19. Definitely, this is not the right time for political bickering, for blaming and accusing, and for divisiveness. Instead, this is the time for all of us to unite, join our efforts, and work together for the common good regardless of political and religious affiliations.

Most especially, this is the best time to reflect; to repent for our sins, and invoke God’s mercy and protection.

We do not know who will survive and who will perish because of this pandemic; we also do not know how long this health crisis will last. But with all these uncertainties, there is one thing that I am sure of: Not all of humanity will be annihilated. God made a promise to Abraham that He would multiply his seeds and that they would be like the sand on the seashore and the stars of the heavens (Genesis 22:17). That promise gives us a guarantee that not all men will die, because if the whole of humanity will be wiped out by this virus, then nothing will be left of the children of Abraham. God is a God who cannot lie; He is always true with His pronouncements. That is why we can be sure that He will fulfill His promise to Abraham — that his seeds will flourish and multiply.

If we are among the children of Abraham through our faith in God, then we might be spared from this pandemic.

Galatians 3:8 (KJV) gives us good news. It says,

And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed.

There is a promised blessing — through the blessedness of Abraham, God shall bless all nations.

In times like this, God is the only one in whom we can truly rely. Let us pray that God heals our land. He is our healer. As it is written in Exodus 15:26 (KJV), “. . . I am the Lord that healeth thee.”

But remember, the Lord who heals His people is the very same Lord who punished the Egyptians by bringing them, more or less, ten plagues. The most devastating of the plagues ever written in the history of humanity was the one that caused the death of all the firstborns in Egypt, as there was not a house in Egypt where there wasn’t any dead person. Overnight, the plague was able to kill all of their firstborn children.

Maybe Covid-19 is still not the worst of the plagues yet. More plagues will probably come in the future, especially if people will continue to disregard and refuse to acknowledge God.

This is the best time to start believing and acknowledging God. Let us not be influenced by other people and by other nations who do not believe in God.

When I heard President Rodrigo Duterte making an appeal to the public to pray to the Almighty God who has the power to defeat any enemy, visible or invisible, I felt a certain joy in my heart because I was able to confirm that, deep within him, he believes in a Supernatural Power — the One we call God. He may not be a believer of the god of the Catholic Church and the gods of other religions, but evidently, he is a believer of the Almighty God in heaven. May God bless and protect him.

This is also the opportune moment to pray even for our enemies in faith, as God commanded us to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.

When I learned from social media about the demise of one of the ministers of the INC of Manalo, although he was an enemy in faith, I readily requested our brethren in the Church of God not to make any scornful statements about him because that would only aggravate the grief and pain that his family and loved ones were going through. Instead of making unsavory comments, it is better to pray for his bereaved family.

The Bible has an admonition that we should not rejoice when our enemies fall; neither should we boast of our lives. Or else, we might earn the wrath of God.

PROVERBS 24:17-18 (KJV) says,

17 Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth:
18 Lest the LORD see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him.

It is best to always be on the side of God. And to always be on His side, we have to do His will. And it is His will that we rejoice not at the fall of our enemies and neither should we be happy when they stumble. The best that we can do is to pray for them.

That is also what we need to do for the heads of states. Let us pray that the Almighty God guide them in of all their actions and decisions, especially now that we witness how even powerful nations, like the U.S., Japan, and Singapore are beleaguered by a very minute creature — a virus.

I believe that God is the highest and the mightiest of all; He is omnipotent; He is Almighty. If the whole universe is under His full control, the more that He has absolute control over all viruses. That truth alone is more than enough to make us believe in God.

May God have mercy on us all.


  1. Thanks be to God for the wonderful explanation on how a Christian sees beyond this pandemic.

  2. thanks be to God that bro eli always remind me not to hold grudge against others. I pray for them and God gave me peace. Teaching of the Lord Jesus Christ is enlightened me to do always what is right to pray and not to do revenge, grudge but to forgive, pray and love all people even if they persecute us.

  3. Uplifting blog.
    People need more of these especially in this trying times.
    Kudos, Mr Controversy!
    May God bless and keep you.

  4. Thanks be to God for the all His consoling words in the bible. His words give me HOPE and PEACE of mind.

  5. salamat po sa Dios....nakaka inspire po....

  6. Amen this blog is very inspiring and worth reading for all humanity God Blessed all and
    all the blog of Bro Eli is very inspirating to read

  7. Worth reading 😍 Thanks be to God for Bro. Eli who teaches us the God's good news in this time. May God bless and help us all. My grandmother is catholic, she listens to bro. Eli everyday in Bible study and Bible Expositions. She always say "Ang galing talaga ni Bro. Eli" with a teary eye.Thanks be to God bro eli for all your teachings from the Bible that makes our hearts and souls happy everyday. We love you.

  8. amen po...salamat po sa Dios... :)

  9. Believing and Trusting GOD with rejoicing giving our worship and supplications to HIM always!

  10. Thanks be to God for this enlightening blog Mr.Controversyextraordinary.

  11. Only GOD can heal our land. Let the whole world pray together. This is the best medicine.

  12. This is indeed the time to turn ourselves to God's mercy.

  13. Prayer is the best thing to do especially during this pandemic.

  14. Napakagandang blog, daming matututunan na aral sa biblia.

  15. I believe in the GOD of the Bible and believe that what he said will happen, To GOD be the glory and million thanks to HIM oUr maker

  16. Unity in Prayer can be an instrument to heard by God!
    To God be the Glory!

  17. I always tell myself, "do your best to be good, so that (baka sakaling) God would listen (again) to your prayers." 

    (Good in the real sense of following Christ's doctrines, not 'my own' definition of good)

    Why I say 'baka sakali', it's because I often feel shame whenever I come before God's holy presence and yet fall short of His expectations.  It's like something in me says 'how dare you speak to His holiness!' ����. 

    Pero sabi niyo nga po, Jesus Christ accepted the plea of the thief, who was a criminal (he repented). We are not criminals, we are not evil people, all the more that God would listen to our plea through our Lord Jesus Christ who will mediate for us.   

    You always mention the teachings of Jesus Christ to pray selflessly for the good of others, pray for the good of the  government and pray even for the good of our own enemies in which God is pleased. 

    I have faith in the power of prayers. 
    I believe this to be my very contribution for humanity in our current situation (pandemic) because I don't have anything material or financial to give since being out of work. 

    There is always so many to mention in prayers, but sometimes, I would just simply kneel and not utter a word and then tears would flow. 

    I learned from you, Bro. Eli, that talking with God is priceless. A moment with Him is special.  https://twitter.com/mcgidotorg/status/1262297067235487744?s=20

    I will prepare myself, with God's help and mercies, to unite with you in prayer. 


  18. IMI strongly agree with Bro Eli that more plagues will come in the future, especially if people will continue to disregard and refuse to acknowledge God.

    This is the best time to start believing and acknowledging God. Let us not be influenced by other people and by other nations who do not believe in God.

  19. When I read this article, I realised that the GOD is the only one we need so let's pray to GOD and pray for our leaders. Thanks be to GOD for this wisdom :)

  20. Amen!! May GOD bless us all!

  21. Another timely Blog. Thanks be to God!

  22. Infinite thanks to God for another day of enlightenment.

  23. Thanks be to God for His kindness!
    -Bro. Jude Thaddeus Durano

  24. Thanks be to God!
    In this pandemic that we are facing, we are still hopeful and blessed to be with His care and protection.
    -Bro. Jude Thaddeus

  25. Thanks be to God for this, Bro Eli

  26. During this time of pandemic, it is really important to he united in prayers for the humanity. Thanks be to God!

  27. A timely blog that make us realised that our God is an Almighty God, He is the only one that we can rely on and Praying to Him is the best armour in this pandemic. It also teach us to love our enemy and include them in our prayers. It is the time that we unite in praying and let us pray without ceasing. A million thanks to God. To God be the Glory.

  28. I agree, we need to be always in the side of God and do His will.

    Thanks be to God.

  29. This is the best time to reflect; to repent for our sins, and invoke God’s mercy and protection.